PRAISE FOR Houlihan Educational Consultants

Click here to read a review of one of Terence's parent presentations from the Rivertowns Enterprise in Westchester County, NY

We highly recommend Terry Houlihan as a presenter on adolescent development and how that impacts working with high school students. Terry's presentation was research-based, informative and practical. Teachers reported that the presentation gave them new insights that could help them work better with high school students." -Mary Anne Beiting, Ed.D., principal, Archbishop Hoban High School, Akron, OH.

"The presentation on the adolescent brain to our middle and high school PTA was really informative...parents came away with knowledge and a better understanding of the causes of their teenagers' behavior, and the information is conveyed in both a clinical and humorous way. It was very well-received and I highly recommend him as a speaker. We look forward to having (Houlihan Educational Consultants) back again next year!" -Nancy Heffernan, Eastchester, NY PTA

"This was a fascinating presentation and my perception of adolescents is completely different!" - Melissa Lagana, reading teacher, Irvington Middle School, NY

"I heard nothing but rave reviews of the session on the adolescent brain.  The teachers were supremely complimentary (about the presentation) and seem to be making use of the information.  I have seen several incorporate pieces in their professional goals for the year.  The information was relevant and entertaining and there were many nods and smiles around the room (during the talk)." -Colleen Hoyer, principal, Charleston Catholic High School, Charleston, WV.

"Terence provided the faculty and the school counselors with a great overview of the adolescent brain and how students function...I highly recommend Terence to present at professional development days!" -Deb Hardy, Ed.D., director of school counseling, Somers School District

 I found your workshop to be the most useful and engaging presentation that I have seen in a very long time. This information helps us understand why our students behave and function the way they do. This information is invaluable and can give parents and educators a much better chance of responding to out kids in more thoughtful and effective ways." – Tom Caldara, school counselor, Ardsley Middle School, NY

"Chock full of knowledge, statistics and passion, Terry Houlihan delivers the inner workings of the teenage brain in a way that allows the "average" person to grasp the intricate details with ease. Terry's presentation captures both the interest and the desire in your heart to understand the teens in your life. It is truely an eye-opening experience and must not be missed." -Lori Ann Garst, Turn of River Middle School teacher, Stamford, CT

"Terry is intelligent and insightful overall but particularly in the field of counseling. He is passionate about helping others reach their true capacity and sees no obstacles in doing so. Truly, Terry is an inspiration to those who know him as well as those he serves." -Laura Roberts, PhD, psychologist

“Terence Houlihan has the compassion, knowledge and insight that makes him a well sought out counselor by many families. He is consistent, thorough and responds quickly to the needs of his students.” -Marcella Moran, LMHC, psychotherapist

 Terence presents at the 2016 Spring UFT School Counselors' Conference in NYC.