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Professional Development: Lively, informative and useful sessions for administrators, classroom teachers, school counselors, social workers, psychologists and school support personnel in the areas of

  • adolescent development
  • behavioral interventions
  • brain-based learning
  • busting myths about the brain and learning
  • classroom management
  • college readiness
  • college applications for students with disabilities
  • instructional strategies
  • school counseling curriculum

Each workshop (from 60 minutes to full-day) is tailored to the needs of the community and offers experiential activies.  

  Terence Houlihan speaking to school counselors at the 11th Annual UFT Counselors' Conference in March, 2015 at UFT Headquarters in Manhattan. (Courtesy of UFT.).

Presentations/Workshops for Parent Associations: Interactive and informative discussions on

  • Why your teen acts, thinks, and behaves "that" way
  • Parenting strategies that do not work with teens
  • The differences between Millennials, Digital Natives and Generation X
  • Talking with your teen
  • Becoming a skilled negotiator
  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Diet, nutrition and exercise
  • Substance and process addictions
  • Social Media
  • Bullying





Terence Houlihan speaking to educators at the Lincoln International Academy in Managua, Nicaragua in July 2013. (Courtesy of LIA.).