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Terence Houlihan, discussing adolescent brain development, on WVOX's "Changing Your Life" with Dr. Ray Griffin. Click on the image to listen to a brief segment.

Houlihan Educational Consultants provides lively, informative and cutting-edge professional development workshops for all constitutients of school systems: administrators, teachers, counselors, support personnel, etc.  These workshops have been offered for middle and high school educators in the U.S., Central America, Canada and South America.  Focusing specifically on the developing adolescent brain, the science of learning and the implications for educators, Houlihan Educational Consultants offers participants ready-to-implement strategies for handling the teens in their lives.

Along with the services offered to educators, parent presentations focusing on de-escalation techniques and a holistic approach to raising teenagers have helped thousands of parents successfully manage the many transitional phases of adolescence.

Having over 20 years of experience working in schools with adolescents and their families, we have learned that "when teens feel like you 'get' them, you've 'got' them."  We teach audiences how to 'get' teens.



BELOW: Terence Houlihan of Houlihan Educational Consultants delivers the keynote address to counselors and educators at the WPRCA Conference. Click on the picture to visit the YouTube page to see several clips.

Houlihan Educational Consultants are located in Westchester County, NY and offer our consulting and coaching services to schools, parent organizations, and other groups anywhere across the globe.